Posted on 3rd August 2023

Preparing For Viewings: A Key Part Of Selling Farms & Agricultural Land

It is well documented that there is a shortage of farms and agricultural land coming onto the market, which means valuations are very pleasing to sellers. This doesn’t mean you can take it easy, though; sellers still need to work hard to ensure their property and land is presented in the best light if they are going to secure a sale.

Selling a farm is a significant decision that requires careful planning and preparation. One crucial aspect of the selling process is ensuring that your property is well presented during viewings. So, how do you prepare your farm for viewings and maximise its appeal to potential buyers? These six tips should help.

1. Clean and Declutter
Before scheduling any viewings, it is essential to thoroughly clean and declutter your farm. Start by tidying up the exterior, removing anything unsightly, and ensuring that fields, hedges and rights of way are well-maintained. Inside your farmhouse, declutter each room, remove any personal items that may distract potential buyers and ensure visitors can walk freely around the property. A clean and clutter-free environment will allow buyers to imagine themselves living and working there.

2. Highlight Key Features
Identify and highlight the unique features of your farm that set it apart from others. Whether it’s the quality of the land, the development potential or income from already diversified operations, ensure these features are showcased during viewings. Some people go as far as creating glossy sales particulars, websites and YouTube videos to bring their property to entice people into viewing.

3. Repair and Upgrade
Address any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks before viewings. This includes fixing gates, broken fences, or damaged structures. Additionally, consider making strategic upgrades to enhance the farm’s value, such as updating outdated appliances or improving energy efficiency. Buyers appreciate a well-maintained property and are more likely to be attracted to a farm that requires minimal immediate attention.

4. Stage the Farm
Staging your farm can significantly impact potential buyers’ perception of the property. Arrange furniture and decor to showcase the farm’s functionality and potential. For example, set up a cosy seating area in the farmhouse to create a welcoming atmosphere. If applicable, ensure machinery that is stored inside a barn or outbuilding is moved to the side of the area so that the storage capacity appears larger to visitors. The goal is to help buyers see the potential of the space, and larger areas always have more potential.

5. Provide Information
During viewings, be prepared to provide comprehensive information about the farm. Make sure you know the finer details of the property’s boundaries, acreage, zoning regulations, and any relevant permits or licenses. Additionally, be prepared to talk about the local community, nearby amenities, and potential income opportunities associated with the farm. Being knowledgeable and transparent will instil confidence in potential buyers.

6. Consider Professional Assistance
If you feel overwhelmed or don’t have the time to prepare your farm for viewings, consider hiring a professional with experience of selling agricultural properties, such as Walter’s Rural. We can offer valuable insights based on years of valuing, marketing and selling rural properties, which will showcase the farm’s potential to interested buyers and guide you through the selling process.

Preparing your farm for viewings is a crucial step in successfully selling your property. By following these six tips, you can create a positive and lasting impression on potential buyers. Remember, a well-presented farm that highlights its unique features, is properly maintained, and provides comprehensive information is more likely to attract serious buyers who appreciate the value your property offers.

Walter’s Rural has been valuing, marketing and selling farms, rural properties and agricultural land for over 30 years. If you’re considering selling a farm or land and need help, advice or a valuation, please call Ray Phillips on 01522 696496 or email or use our contact form.

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