Posted on 4th October 2023

What To Do If A Utility Company Requests Access To Your Land

Anglian Water is currently building a new 52km water pipeline between Eltham, in North Lincolnshire, and Lincoln, with much of it running across agricultural land. In this update, we look at farmers’ rights when they are approached by utility companies seeking access to their land.

The relationship between UK farmers and utility companies seeking access to their land has long been a subject of concern and debate. Farmers, who depend on their land for their livelihoods, face complex negotiations when utility companies request access, whether to lay a pipeline, install power lines, or conduct environmental surveys.

To safeguard their interests, farmers can take several proactive steps when utility companies seek access to their land:

Access Agreements: The land owner should negotiate access agreements with the utility company that clearly outline the terms and conditions of access. These agreements should include compensation arrangements, restoration requirements, and provisions for addressing any damage to the land.

Environmental Impact Mitigation: Farmers can request that utility companies take measures to minimize the environmental impact of their activities. This might involve restoring the land to its original condition once the project is completed.

Communication: Open and transparent communication between farmers and utility companies is vital. Farmers should express their concerns and expectations, and utility companies should strive to address these concerns cooperatively.

Legal Protections: Farmers should familiarise themselves with UK laws and regulations that protect agricultural land. These may include conservation policies, zoning regulations, and agricultural preservation initiatives.

Protecting the rights of UK farmers when utility companies require access to their land is essential, and we encourage land owners to engage in negotiations, seek legal advice when needed, and establish access agreements that safeguard their livelihoods and the future of their land.

If you would like some advice or need help negotiating with a utility company that requires access to your land, please don’t hesitate to call Ray Phillips on 01522 696496, email or use our contact form.


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