Posted on 9th November 2023

Wind Farms: Is there a change in direction coming?

Despite the restrictions of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) preventing the majority of onshore wind farms, a recent relaxation of the planning constraints relating to community options and comments made by Ed Miliband have given developers renewed confidence that development sites could soon be made available.

Mr Miliband said that a Labour government would double the number of onshore wind turbines, and as a result of his comments and the change to the NPPF, some developers are offering landowners exclusivity agreements.

As the importance of renewable energy sources continues to grow, many UK farmers have embraced hosting wind turbines on their land to generate additional income and support the transition to clean energy.

However, suppose you are offered an exclusivity agreement. In that case, it is critical to understand the terms and their implications before signing, as these contracts can have a significant impact on your land, income, and future development plans.

Understanding Exclusivity Agreements
Exclusivity agreements, in the context of wind turbine installation, grant a specific developer or operator the exclusive right to construct, operate, and maintain wind turbines on your land. These agreements often come with a set time period, typically lasting for several decades. During this period, you are legally bound not to host turbines for any other developer or operator. It’s essential to comprehend the terms and conditions of the exclusivity agreement, as they vary between contracts.

Seek Legal Advice
Before signing any exclusivity agreement, consult an experienced solicitor or engage a rural chartered surveyor, such as Walter’s Rural, to act on your behalf, as they will help you understand the agreement’s terms, implications, and any potential pitfalls.

Assess The Financial Terms
Exclusivity agreements typically include provisions for financial compensation. Ensure you fully understand the payment structure, including rent, royalties, or other financial benefits. Make sure that the financial terms are fair and competitive, taking into account market standards and the potential income generated by hosting turbines.

Land Use And Development
Consider the long-term implications for your land. Wind turbine exclusivity agreements can limit your ability to use the land for other purposes or developments, such as growing crops, housing or diversification. Discuss any concerns with the developer and clarify any restrictions.

Duration And Renewal
Exclusivity agreements can span several decades. Assess whether the duration fits with your future land use and income objectives. Also, understand the renewal and termination clauses in the contract to have the flexibility to make changes if necessary.

Environmental And Safety Provisions
Evaluate the environmental and safety provisions in the agreement, ensuring that the developer is responsible for mitigating any negative impacts of the turbines on your land and its surroundings.

Decommissioning Plan
Nothing lasts forever, so be sure to discuss the developer’s decommissioning plan for the turbines at the end of their life. Ensure the agreement outlines the responsibilities for removing the turbines and restoring the land to its previous condition.

Negotiate Key Clauses
Be prepared to negotiate specific clauses in the exclusivity agreement. This could include payment terms, land use restrictions, safety measures, etc. Negotiating these terms ensures that the agreement aligns with your best interests.

At this moment, nothing has changed significantly regarding onshore wind developments, but should a change of government occur in the next year or so, there may be a change in the direction of wind farms, and it’s always good to be prepared.

If, after reading this article, you would like to know more or need some advice, please don’t hesitate to call Ray Phillips on 01522 696496, email, or use our contact form.


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